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Volcanoes in the Dutch Caribbean
Alert level
An alert level system is used to communicate the level of alarm to the local governments and populations. The alert level system in use for Mount Scenery and The Quill has four levels, from low to high activity:

Alert Levels
NORMAL Volcano is in typical background, non-eruptive state or after a change from a higher level volcanic activity has ceased and returned to background.
ADVISORY Volcano is exhibiting signs of elevated unrest above known background level or after a change from a higher level volcanic activity has decreased significantly but continues to be monitored for possible renewed activity.
WATCH Volcano is exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption time-frame uncertain or eruption is underway but poses limited hazards.
WARNING Hazardous eruption is imminent, underway or suspected.

In acute potential hazardous situations, KNMI informs local authorities at the islands as well as the departmental crisis coordination center of the ministry as soon as possible by phone and e-mail.

Responsible agencies on the islands can take further action if needed, assisted by the crisis coordination center.

In the case of volcanic unrest, "activity reports" will be issued to describe the recent changes. To facilitate the understanding of these documents a volcano glossary is available.

During periods of quietness, a "status report" will be issued 1–2 times a year giving a general overview of the monitoring activities.

Current Alert levels