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Volcanoes in the Dutch Caribbean
Mount Scenery.
The top of Mount Scenery is with 887m the highest point of the Netherlands. Mount Scenery is a stratovolcano located on the island of Saba in the Caribbean Netherlands. Volcanism in this area is related to the subduction of the North and South American plate beneath the Caribbean plate.

Mount Scenery is a single stratovolcano, with multiple andesitic domes on its flanks, causing the topography of the island to be irregular and steep. A basaltic andesite lava flow, with clearly pronounced levees, covers the NE side of the island and created the land where the airport is built on. From the center towards the SW, a sector collapse scar with an elongated horseshoe shape open to the SW dominates the landscape but is mostly filled by products from Mt. Scenery.

Several hot springs, with a maximum temperature of 82°C are located along an SW-NE line. Only the spring opposite Green Island is currently visible at the surface and monitored.

In the distant past, Mount Scenery erupted repeatedly as is evident from the volcanic products which are found island wide. Even though the last eruption probably occurred around 1640 and the volcano does not show any signs of current unrest, geologically speaking the volcano is "active".

KNMI measures several geophysical parameters to monitor the state of the volcano.

Mount Scenery view

Saba with the airport in front.
Current Alert levels