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Hotspring monitoring
Hotspring monitoring at volcanoes can detect changes in the temperature and chemistry of the spring-parameters that can vary due to moving magma. Therefore a temperature sensor and logger are deployed at the hotspring opposite Green Island.

Hotspring located at Green Island

The sensor is kept in place in the hotspring using rocks inside the purple net. The black cable connects the sensor to the logger, which is installed in a waterproof case, mounted on the wall.

Hotspring observations at Green Island

Temperature measured in the hotspring opposite Green Island, at the north coast of Saba. Due to the location of the hotspring at the shoreline, the temperature in the hotspring is strongly influenced by the influx of (colder) seawater. The maximum temperature measured in this time interval is 85 degrees Celsius (green line). Measurements are taken every 20 minutes and stored locally. During summer the temperature variations are smaller than in winter which can be explained by the calmer sea conditions in summer. Analysis of the temperature data show a strong correlation between the temperature variations and the tides.
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